Kilimanjaro Kit List


When climbing Kilimanjaro, having the right kit is absolutely essential. Below we have compiled a comprehensive kit list. We hope you find it useful. Please get in touch with any questions you may have.

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When travelling with Wild Edge, communal equipment (tents, sleeping mats, food, group first aid kit, utensils, etc.) is provided. You are responsible for bringing the personal gear and equipment as listed below. Please be very careful not to over pack. Be selective in what you bring. The list below contains everything you need. Before departing from the hotel to begin the trek we will complete a final kit check. To ensure their welfare, our porters are limited to carrying no more than 15 kilograms of your personal belongings. Any excess belongings and fresh clothes for after the trek can be safely stored at the hotel.


Technical Clothing

1 x Waterproof jacket, breathable with hood.

1 x Warm insulated jacket, synthetic or down.

1 x Soft jacket, fleece or soft-shell.

2 x Long sleeve shirt or t-shirt, moisture-wicking fabric.

1 x Short sleeve shirt, moisture-wicking fabric.

1 x Waterproof trousers, breathable.

2 x Hiking trousers.

1 x Shorts (optional).

1 x Long leg base layers, moisture-wicking fabric.

4 x Underwear, moisture-wicking fabric.

2 x Sports bra (as required).



1 x Brimmed or peaked hat, for sun protection.

1 x Warm hat.

1 x Balaclava or buff/snood.



1 x Warm gloves or mitts (waterproof recommended).

1 x Gloves, light.



1 x Hiking boots or shoes, warm, waterproof (make sure boots are well-fitted and are ‘worn-in’ to prevent blisters).

 4 x Socks, wool or synthetic.

1 x Gaiters, waterproof (optional).



1 x Sunglasses or goggles with UV protection.

1 x Backpack cover, waterproof (optional)

2 x Water Bottle (e.g. Nalgene style or a Water-to-go bottle with integrated filtration) or 1 water bottle plus 1 x ‘Camelback’ hydration bladder.

1 x Pee bottle, to avoid leaving tent at night (optional)

1-3 x Stuff sacks, dry bags or Ziploc-type bags to keep gear dry and separate.



1 x Sleeping bag, warm, four seasons/comfort rating of - 12C°C (*this can be rented locally if required for approximately $18 USD).

1 x Cotton sleeping bag liner (optional)

1 x Camp pillow, inflatable (optional), or use warm jacket inside a stuff sack.

1 x Trekking poles, collapsible (highly recommended) (*these can be rented locally if required).

1 x Head torch, with extra batteries.

1 x Large rucksack or duffel bag, 70L-90L, for porters to carry your equipment.

1 x Daypack, 30L-35L, for you to carry your personal gear.



Basic toiletries.



Lip balm with UV protection.

Insect repellent, containing DEET.

Personal first aid kit, including blister plasters, paracetamol, ibuprofen and rehydration treatment.

Face mask (REQUIRED).

Hand sanitizer (REQUIRED).

Toilet paper.

Wet wipes (recommended).

Personal snacks, lightweight, high calorie (optional).

Electrolytes, powder or tablets (optional).

Camera (optional).

Portable charger (optional).

Book, card game or similar (optional)





Covid-19 vaccination papers.

Other immunisation papers.

Personal travel insurance documents.


* Your Wild Edge Expedition Leader will be carrying a comprehensive group first aid kit. We suggest that the following items be included in your personal first aid kit.:

Painkillers: Paracetamol or aspirin.


Throat lozenges:  Lockets or Strepsils.

Wound dressing x 1.  

Plasters: assorted.

Blister plasters.

Rehydration powder: Dioralyte, Gastrolite or similar. Six sachets. 

Antiseptic cream: one small tube.

Diarrhoea treatment:  Imodium, Arret or Lomotil.


Important Note

In Tanzania, all plastic bags are banned. You are not allowed to carry plastic bags with you. You are allowed to bring small Ziploc bags to carry your toiletries, as long as you do not dispose of them while in Tanzania. Any Ziploc bags must be taken home with you on departure.         


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